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How to Make Freeze Dry Chicken - 翻译中...

Freeze dry chicken is the chicken first washed and cut into pieces, then placed in a food freezer to remove water in a low-temperature and low-pressure environment, and then stored in a vacuum package. When needed, it can be used at any time by adding a small amount of water. It can not only retain the original taste, but also prevent the nutrient loss of the chicken breast. Freeze dry chicken is perfect for making freeze dried meat dog food.

1. How to make freeze dry chicken

Nowadays more and more people have pets, and the food types of kittens and puppies are becoming more and more abundant. Generally, we will choose some freeze-dried foods such as freeze dry chicken, freeze dry beef, freeze dry fish, etc.

Chicken breast is the meat on the inside of the chicken breast. Its meat is tender and contains extremely high protein. It is very popular with pets at home and is now the first choice of pet dry food for pet experts. If you have a freeze-drying machine at home, you can make freeze dry chicken yourself at home, which is not only convenient and affordable, but also very clean. Let's take a look at the specific steps of making freeze dry chicken.

In the first step, prepare fresh chicken breasts and wash them to control the moisture; in the second step, cut the chicken breasts into pieces for use; in the third step, put the chicken nuggets in a food freeze-drying machine and slowly sublime the water under a low temperature and low pressure environment; in the fourth step, put the freeze dry chicken in the packaging bag and then drain the air and seal it.

2. The benefits of freeze dry chicken

When you need to use the chicken breast, take it out and add some clean water to soak it for a while. The freeze dry chicken will absorb the water and restore the state before freeze-drying. The taste and nutrition will not be lost, which is very convenient.

Compared with traditional dry food, freeze dry chicken will not cause nutrient loss due to high temperature treatment.

In terms of taste, freeze dry chicken only needs a little water to restore the original taste, and nutrients are easier to absorb, because storage in a vacuum can retain the original flavor and nutrition of food more than freezing food directly in the refrigerator.

Freeze dry chicken is a dry food snack for dogs. Usually the owner can feed it according to the dog's food intake. If pet eats much, then you can feed much.

Freeze dry chicken is pure meat, so the protein content in freeze dry chicken is relatively rich, so it's good for owners to feed their pets freeze dry chicken.

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