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Why is Freeze-dried Food for Pets So Popular? - 翻译中...

Why is frozen pet food so popular? For many pet families, the diet of their pets is a very important issue.

Nowadays, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and their attention to pet diet is also very high. However, faced with a variety of pet food on the market, many parents do not know how to choose the most suitable food for their pets.

Today, I will introduce to you a very novel and popular pet food around the world—freeze dry pet food.

What are the benefits of freeze dry pet snacks? There are not only freeze dry pet staple food, but also freeze dry pet snacks.

1. Freeze dry pet food

Freeze dry pet food is the abbreviation of vacuum freeze dry food. Its production process is to directly freeze-dry frozen meat, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients in a vacuum environment.

The drying process of freeze dry pet food is carried out at ultra-low temperature. It takes about 24 hours to freeze and dry pet food. The water crystals inside will directly sublime into gas without going through the process of melting into water.

The moisture in the ingredients is removed, and the nutrients inside are well preserved. As "fresh" in pet food, freeze dry pet food is more and more popular among pet owners.

2. Freeze dry pet food process

There are applications in many industries in China. Many people may not know only through the concept, but everyone has seen the beef and vegetable packets in instant noodles, which are processed through the freeze-drying process.

In recent years, freeze dry pet food technology has also been applied in the pet food industry. General raw materials of freeze dry pet snacks are natural fresh meat, fish and shrimp, fruits, vegetables and so on.

Due to the particularity of the freeze-drying process, there is no need to add preservatives and pigments. Moreover, through vacuum, freezing and drying, the microorganisms and bacteria in the raw materials are eliminated, which is healthier and safer.

3. Application of freeze dry pet food

The reason why the freeze dry pet food is favored by pet owners is actually very simple. It has the advantages of high nutrition, high palatability and freshness.

When feeding freeze dry pet food to pets, you only need to add the right amount of water to restore the freeze dry pet food to the taste of fresh ingredients.

4. The advantages of freeze dry pet snacks

Many pet owners may be too busy at work or sometimes too tired to make fresh three meals a day for their naughty children every day.

Buying fresh meat to wash, cook, chop, and cool is a great snack for pets, but there are more varieties of freeze dry pet food.

And it only takes a few seconds to add water to let the naughty children eat fresh and delicious meat. There are many benefits of freeze dry pet snacks, and there is no difference in taste. Freeze dry pet snacks liberates the hands of pet owners!

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